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Remember, with the :

  • You reduce the time and expense in supporting your customers
  • You deliver higher satisfaction through higher-quality customer support
  • You gain usable incoming market intelligence directly from your prospects and customers
  • You increase the effectiveness and power of your business

That adds up to more profit and more time for you.

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All licenses are:

  • One-time investments -- there are no recurring fees.
  • Instantly downloadable -- you receive the full product to install right away under your own domain and control.
  • Backed by our full support -- we'll do what it takes to get you up and running and keep you there.
  • Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face - life's too short for anything else!

If you don't agree is worth many times the one-time fee you paid...if you can't see how it continues to work for you long afterwards...if you can't see why it continues to add to your bottom line and free up your valuable time...just return it any time in the next 30 days and I'll promptly refund your money.

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Single site license
Install and manage FAQs for 1 website.
Multiple site license
Install and manage FAQs on up to 5 websites within your organization.
Redistributable license
Redistribute the application on an unlimited number of websites. (Ideal option for a web hosting or web development company creating and deploying websites for multiple clients)

About the purchasing process

  • Our goal is to process all orders quickly to expedite product delivery. We normally complete this process within 12-24 hours.
  • We process all payments using PayPal.
  • Make sure that your website host can run ASP.NET applications and that you have SQL Server access.
  • By purchasing this software, you agree with the terms stated in the license agreement.
  • The software product will be delivered electronically. You will not receive a CD in the mail.