FAQ Manager Software

The Easy and Affordable way to Manage Your Website Customer FAQ System

Easy to Install, Easy to Use, And Lots More Easily

The FAQ Manager contains the following features.

General Features

  • Completely web based - No software required to install and run from your home PC. Deliver customer support online and give your customers the answers to questions through their web browser.

  • Built on the Asp.Net / SQL Server platform - The is built with Microsoft Asp.Net and uses a Microsoft SQL Server database.

  • Works in all browsers - works in all major web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Netscape.

  • Easy to use - Developed with the end user in mind, is simple to use and you can get started creating your FAQ knowledge base in minutes.

  • Quick and easy setup - Install and have the application up and running in less than 10 minutes. And for the technically challenged, we'll assist in the installation.

  • Free installation - Our expert technical support staff can install your at no extra cost. If you email us your database and hosting FTP login information, in most cases we'll have your FAQ manager up and running in less than 10 minutes.

  • Professionally designed user interface - The 's interface is elegantly crafted, adhering to the latest user centered and heuristic design methods. Your customers will have no problems navigating and finding the information they need.

  • Completely re-brandable - Use "out of the box" and look highly professional. Or create your own theme and easily re-brand the entire look and feel of to match your website color scheme, logos, and company brand.

  • Use your own logo - Upload and use your own logo to quickly brand your to fit your company look and style. This is easily customized within a configuration file and takes no more than 15 seconds to setup.

  • Not a hosted application - You get full control to install and manage your frequently asked questions on your own server or hosting. If you need hosting, we offer reasonable hosting rates. Please contact us with your requests.

  • A proven solution - We believe life is too short to punish ourselves by using difficult, complicated, and overpriced enterprise FAQ software. We're sure you feel the same way. That is why we use our own to streamline and deliver online customer support - 24/7.

Public area features

  • Powerful keyword searching - Your customers can easily find questions and answers using the simple to use yet extremely powerful search feature. The search algorithm is created to put more emphasis on keywords appearing in the question, then the answer, and finally the keywords you specify. Keywords that match the search criteria are highlighted in the search results to help your customers find what they are looking for faster.

  • Browse by Category - It's easy for your visitors to find the answer they're after using 's intuitive category browsing system. From the control panel you can create unlimited categories to organize your frequently asked questions.

  • Unlimited frequently asked questions - You can also create an unlimited amount of frequently asked questions for each category.

  • Built-in contact form - The includes a standard contact form that your customers can use to submit questions. Your customer's questions are submitted into the FAQ Manager as a pending question, which you can identify, answer, and provide online immediately.

  • Input validation and security - The 's contact form is secure against SQL injections and malicious JavaScript code. When the contact form is submitted, all data provided by your customer is validated and 'cleaned.' HTML tags and JavaScript that is included in the contact form submission will be removed before making their way into the database.

  • No contact form spam submissions - The uses CAPTCHA image technology to discourage and prevent spammers from automatically submitting your contact us form.

  • RSS feeds for categories and all search results - Each category and all search results are syndicated using RSS / XML feeds. Your users can subscribe to your RSS Feeds using their feed readers to stay updated when new questions and answers are posted to your FAQ knowledge base.

  • Search engine friendly URLs - Your FAQ categories have re-written URLs, eliminating messy and 'search engine unfriendly' query strings. Search engines can index all of the content in your FAQ knowledge base, helping you to increase your search engine traffic and allowing visitors and potential customers to find answers faster.

Admin area features

  • Secure login - Your 's administration control panel is protected using a secure username and password that you create, restricting access to only those with the correct login.

  • Create unlimited categories - It's easy to organize your FAQs exactly how you want them. With you can create unlimited categories. You can also include a description for each category to help further explain what the category is about and to make navigation easier for your users.

  • Create unlimited frequently asked questions - You can create any number of FAQs and categorize them according to your requirements. Many of our clients use the to administer and organize as many as 5000 FAQs.

  • Powerful FAQ management tools - The 's powerful FAQ management tools provide a number of features to manage your FAQ data and information. Sort by FAQ id, answer, status, and visibility. Choose the number of records displayed per page. Easily add, update, and delete FAQs and categories.

  • FAQ AnywhereTM - With the 's slick FAQ AnywhereTM feature, you can display your FAQs anywhere using JavaScript code you generate in the Admin area.

  • Control panel advanced search - Advanced search options in the admin area make searching for questions and answers even easier. Search using keywords by category, by status, and by choosing visibility options.

  • Public and private FAQs - You specify which FAQs are displayed to the public and which FAQs are private. This allows you to maintain an internal list of FAQs - in addition to your publicly available FAQs.

  • Powerful WYSIWYG HTML editor - comes bundled with TinyMCE - one of the most powerful HTML editing components available. Format your FAQ answers using a rich text editor. You can use all types of media including images, embedded video (YouTube, Myspace Video), audio clips, and any other type of media to enhance your answers.