FAQ Knowledge Management Software

The Easy and Affordable way to Manage Your Website Customer FAQ System

How You Can Use FAQ Software in Your Business

The solution for managing your customer’s most frequently asked questions is FAQ Management software.

FAQ Managers automate the question answering process by giving your highly valued customers (and potential customers) a first-level support tool that they can easily access through your company’s website FAQ. When a customer has a question about your products or services, they simply visit your website FAQ, type in their question, and the FAQ Manager does the rest.

The FAQ Manager provides your customers with a list of subject areas that they can select from that guides them to the answer they’re looking for. By giving customers access to this information, customers can quickly answer their questions themselves, reducing the number of support-related calls and e-mails that come in to your company.

Does a FAQ Manager eliminate every call?

No. There will always be customers whose first response when they encounter a problem is to pick up the phone and call your company. But a FAQ Manager will help you reduce your call volume significantly. Plus, as you update and add content to your FAQ Manager, it becomes increasingly more effective and customer-responsive, helping to further reduce call volumes and customer support costs as you continue to use it.


When customers have questions or problems, they need answers quickly. And the way that companies manage their customer’s need for information can have a profound impact on customer satisfaction, customer perception, and your bottom-line.

Here are a Few Ways You Can Use FAQ Software in Your Business

  • When customers ask questions on the phone, -- write them down and keep a log. Give to your assistant and let him/her update your FAQ. (No need to call the IT guy)
  • Reference and include FAQs in emails -- When you get a question sent to you through email that you have already answered in your FAQ, respond with a hyperlink leading the person to your FAQ page where they can get the answer along with all of your other FAQs. Even go as far as copying and pasting a number of FAQs into your reply.
  • For web masters -- How often do you find yourself searching the internet for example code? When you finally find it, archive it in your own personal FAQ for quick and easy retreival when you need it later.
  • For software companies -- Increase the value of the websites you create for clients by bundling the FAQ Manager with your website development packages.
  • For bloggers -- If you are a popular blogger and your email is overloaded from the same questions - over and over - about your blog postings, archive them into your FAQ. You can even add FAQs in your postings, link to them, and use them for SEO.  They're great for creating and managing value added content for your readers.
  • Use your FAQ for SEO -- Your FAQ will naturally contain a lot of your major and secondary keywords. Test your keyword density periodically and revise answers to include target keywords. Link to your FAQ from your blog and website.
  • Need content for your newsletters? -- your FAQ is an excellent source of useful information for your customers, clients, and potential customers. Copy and paste them into your newsletters.