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"How to Use Your Most Frequently Asked Questions to Increase Sales and Cut Technical Support Costs!"

Bob Smith - President, 2008

Can making one change to your website dramatically increase its selling power and help increase your sales 15%, 25% — 50% or more? Can adding just one page to your site help you improve customer service and cut your technical support costs even more than that? You bet it can! And as you read this article, I'll show you exactly how to do it.

How Many Times Has This Happened to You?

You hear about a company's product or service and it looks promising. You check out the company's website looking for more information. The product or service sounds like exactly what you need, but you still have a few questions.

You call the company's customer service number and after a couple of rings, get the dreaded "Your call is important to us" recording. You wait patiently on hold and listen to how important a customer you are, over and over again.

Eventually you get tired of waiting and decide that you really didn't need the product as badly as you thought, so you hang up the phone and don't call back.

Or what's even worse is when you buy a product or service from a company and you're in the middle of trying to use it for the first time. You hit a snag and can't figure out what to do next. You call the customer service line looking for help, only when you're put on hold this time, you can't hang up. You have to wait … and wait … and wait.

When you finally get through to someone in customer service, your patience has worn thin. You're ready to tell whoever answers the phone just what they can do with their "Your call is important to us" message.

Unfortunately, this situation plays out thousands of times every day, resulting in millions of dollars in lost business and poor customer service.

And what's really sad about this whole situation is that it doesn't have to be this way.

If you could read just one article about how to use customer questions to generate more sales, cut operating costs, and provide unsurpassed customer service, this is it! I challenge you to read this entire article and not change your attitude about how customer questions affect your business.

If you are … (check which one applies to you)

  • A Website Owner
  • A Webmaster
  • An IT Manager
  • An Internet Entrepreneur

You're about to learn the single most important strategy for creating happy customers, increasing your sales, generating repeat and referral business, and delivering unparalleled service to your customers.

What's the secret?

It's simple: Don't make it difficult for customers to do business with you.

If you make it hard for customers to get their questions answered on your website… if you make customers call you for answers and then put them on hold, if you make customers angry, unhappy, or frustrated… then they're not going to buy from you.

Listen. You can spend a small fortune creating a dazzling website. You can have graphics and animation that make your customer's eyes pop. But if you don't give customers the information they're looking for … they'll take their business elsewhere.

In the next five minutes, I'll show you how to use customer questions to reap immeasurable rewards in your business, by turning your business website into a customer-focused selling machine.

Here are just a few of the things you'll learn as you read this article:

  • Why 99.9% of websites create more questions than they answer - How your website can actually make doing business with you more difficult
  • How to dramatically increase your website conversion rate by giving customers what they're looking for when they visit your site
  • How one simple change to your website can significantly boost profits and drastically cut your technical support costs
  • How to identify the hidden profit opportunities in your business that you may be overlooking

There's a strategy to creating compelling frequently asked questions that increase online conversion rates while cutting your technical support costs.

This incredible strategy will add significant value your customer's buying experience and your bottom line. But you have to take the first step. And the first step is to read this article in its entirety. Please don't skim through it - I don't want you to miss a single word because when I demystify how to use Frequently Asked Questions in your business, you simply cannot fail to create the online sales and technical cost reductions you're looking for.

Your Customers Need Information
Before They'll Buy

Information and content are the underlying currency of today's online business world. The more information you give customers about your products and services, the easier you'll make it for them to buy from you.

If your website gives customers a complete sales presentation and answers all of their questions completely, you dramatically increase your chances of making a sale.

But, if you fail to answer even one of your customer's simplest questions, or you create doubt about how your products and services improve your customer's lives, then you've created an obstacle to making the sale.

If your website doesn't answer your customer's questions, customers will call your business looking for help. This additional step not only increases your customer service costs, but it also complicates your sales process.

Now, instead of buying based on the information on your website, the sale now depends on other factors like:

  • How quickly your phones are answered and how long customers have to wait on hold
  • How your customers are treated by your customer service personnel who answer the phones
  • How thoroughly questions are answered and how quickly problems are solved

In other words, by making customers call your company for answers to their questions, you've introduced a number of other factors that can affect the outcome of the sale and the customer's perception of your business.

Does Your Website Have the Answers
Customers Are Looking For?

When customers go online looking for information about your products and services, they have a number of questions they need answers to:

  • What is your product or service and how does it work?
  • Why do they need it and how can they use it?
  • What are the benefits and how much does it cost?
  • What can they do if they have a problem or need service?
  • Is your product the right product for them?

The more of these questions you can answer online, the quicker customers get the information they need to make a buying decision, and the closer you get to making a sale or solving their problem.

But many websites do a poor job answering customer questions. And that's because the website is created from the company's perspective rather than the customer's.

Think of your website as a company sales representative. Whenever a sales rep is making a presentation to a customer, it's usually a two-way conversation. The sales rep tells the customer about your company's products and services, the features and benefits, and why the customer should do business with you. The customer, in turn, asks a lot of questions to make sure the product or service is right for them.

Your website is no different than a sales rep except that you have to anticipate and answer customer questions in advance.

And the easiest way to do that is by using a FAQ Management program that creates a way for customers to search for their own answers before calling your company.

The Secrets of FAQ Management

My name is Bob Smith and a few years ago, I had a problem that I needed to solve. I owned a growing web engineering and consulting firm, and I needed a way to quickly and efficiently answer customer questions about our products and services.

Up until this time, our customer service department had been handling all customer service questions by phone. But our company was growing so quickly that I could see that unless we added more staff and more phone lines, there was no way we could continue to provide the high level of service our customers had come to expect from us.

That's when I started looking for an answer to my problem.

After doing some research, I discovered that what I needed was a FAQ Management program. This is a software program that helps you create an archive of questions that customers most frequently ask about your products and services.

With an FAQ Manager, you only have to answer a question once, rather than over and over again, which is a lot more efficient and definitely saves time.

Plus, when you put all of your most frequently asked questions online and make them easy to find, customers can look up their own answers, and this cuts down calls to your customer support team, which saves both time and money.

I was looking for a FAQ Manager that would easily integrate into my existing business without a lot of installation and training problems, but all of the FAQ Managers I looked at were either too expensive, too difficult to install and use, or had unnecessary features that I didn't want or need.

By the end of 2004, I was convinced that I was going to have to "bite the bullet" and hire more customer service and technical support staff. That was a situation I didn't even want to think about.

Then, a few weeks later, I was talking with a friend and explaining my situation to him, when he offhandedly remarked, "Well, if you can't find anything you like, why not create your own?"

I'm sure you've heard the old expression, "Can't see the forest for the trees?" I was so wrapped up in the emotion of trying to solve my problem, that I didn't see the obvious solution that was right in front of my eyes.

After all, solving problems like this is what our company does for clients. We are experts at it. So why not use our software development expertise to solve our own problem? And that's what we did.

Our application development group got to work, and within a few months, we had the FAQ Management software that I was looking for.

  • It was easy to install
  • It was easy to use
  • It was easy to update
  • It reduced our technical support costs
  • It gave customers the information they needed 24/7
  • It reduced phone calls and emails to our support team
  • It reduced the time it took for our tech support to search for answers
  • It improved the effectiveness and productivity of our support staff

By the time they were through, our development team had created the perfect FAQ Manager for our business. But frankly, I must say, it came at a pretty hefty price.

When I sat down and calculated exactly how much we had spent in development costs, it came to somewhere around $50,000. But it was worth every penny because I would have paid many times that if I'd had to add additional staff and phone lines to support my business. So even at fifty-grand, I considered it money well spent.

The Birth of a FAQ Manager

You could say that I created the FAQ Management program for my business because I couldn't find anything on the market that met my needs - an easy-to-use, affordable program that our customers could use to find answers to their questions - without a lot of the unnecessary "bells-and-whistles" that I didn't want or need.

But after using our program for a few months, and seeing how well it managed our customer questions, I began telling a few clients about it, and they asked me if I'd be willing to sell them a copy.

So I sold a few copies to clients who started using it to set up FAQ pages on their websites.

Over the next few months, I kept getting calls from these clients telling me how well the software was working at reducing calls to their technical support help desks.

But here's what surprised me: The also said that their business was increasing because their website was now making a more thorough sales presentation for their products and services.

Needless to say, they were pretty happy with their results, and began telling their friends. The next thing you know, I was selling to more and more customers, and that's how got its start.

It's a simple, easy-to-use FAQ Manager that any company can use to easily add a FAQ page to their website. You get exactly the same functionality and features that I paid over $50,000 to develop.

  • It's easily integrated with your branding, logo, and content
  • It's easily installed on your own server or web hosting
  • It's fully customizable to your website using simple HTML and CSS
  • It supports Unlimited FAQ topics and questions
  • It includes a password protected Admin area
  • You can easily browse categories and questions
  • All searches include an RSS feed
  • You can display FAQ's anywhere using Javascript you generate in the Admin area

Now, you can have exactly the same FAQ Manager that I use to manage customer questions in my business, at a price you're going to love.

Here's What You Won't Be Getting

Now that you've seen what you'll be getting with , let me tell you what you won't be getting:

  • You won't be getting a FAQ Manager that's difficult to install and use - installs in minutes
  • You won't be getting a FAQ Manager that's difficult to update - You can make changes and add new questions whenever you want
  • You won't be getting the headaches and frustrations that come built-in with other FAQ Managers that are much more difficult to set-up and use
  • You won't be getting a lot of unnecessary "bells-and-whistles" that you don't need and will most likely never use - includes all the functionality and features you need without the excess frills that drive up the price
  • You won't get the steep price other companies charge to pay for features you'll never use

How Much Is All of This Worth to You?

Back in 2004, if someone had offered me the solution to my customer service problem, I would have gladly forked over $5,000 if I could have gotten the FAQ Manager that I wanted. Remember, I spent ten times this creating my own. $5,000 would have been a "drop in the bucket" considering what it was going to cost to add staff to my business.

How about you? What's it worth for you to have a proven FAQ Manager that conveniently answers all of your customer's questions, gives them better customer service, cuts down incoming calls, emails, and instant messages… not to mention the goodwill and word of mouth you'll create by answering customer questions quickly and solving customer problems more effectively.

How much would all of this be worth to you?

If you were to hire us to create a FAQ Manager for you from scratch, we'd bill you at our standard rate of $175 an hour. I'm sure you realize that even if we were to charge you only $1,000 for our services (which is only a fifth of what I was willing to pay to solve my problem), you'd still be getting a tremendous bargain when you consider the money you'll save and the increased business you'll generate.

But the good news is, you won't have to pay $1,000 for . In fact, you won't even have to pay half of that, which I'm sure you'd agree is a very reasonable price considering the features, functionality and value you're getting.

Now you can get your copy of , the exact same FAQ Manager that I use to manage customer questions in our business, for a one-time investment of just $69. Just click here now to get your copy.

I've shown you how quickly and easily can handle your customer's most frequently asked questions while cutting your customer service and technical support costs faster than you ever dreamed possible. So now is the time to act on this offer.

You have absolutely nothing to risk when you order now. Once your payment is processed, you'll receive download instructions by return email, and you can start enjoying the rewards and benefits of right away.

With , you'll have a professional-looking FAQ page up and running in no time. So why not get started today.

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Setting up a FAQ page for your business has never been easier!

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