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The Easy and Affordable way to Manage Your Website Customer Support.

What You Get - and more importantly - What You Don't Get

You're probably excited about how a FAQ manager can help you. Maybe you've even researched a couple different versions, trying to figure which one is right.

If you know my story and why I created , you know I went through the same process before you're going through now: getting excited about getting a FAQ manager, carefully researching and narrowing down the possibilities, plunking down my hard-earned cash to buy it, then taking the time to download it, configure it, and load the data.

That's why the main things you won't get are:

The disappointment of having it just not work. The frustration of having to go back again and find another version, download it, configure it, and load your data again. The fear of losing more money. The scolding you give yourself because you think you should be buying a higher-priced version and instead got what you paid for. And the undermining doubt and hesitation that keeps ping-ponging you from "This is going to be great for our business!" to "Do we really need this?! What was I thinking?!"

Now, let me tell what you get with :

  • You reduce the time and expense in supporting your customers

  • You deliver higher satisfaction through higher-quality customer support

  • You gain usable incoming market intelligence directly from your prospects and customers

  • You increase the effectiveness and power of your business

And all of these - more time, more satisfied customers, more intelligence, effectiveness, and power served more effectively - add up to something you'll like:

  • more profit and more time for you.

Ask yourself: What will you do all that extra money and extra time? Invest in upgrading your computer system? Stock up your business library with some premium-priced titles? Or treat a few more of your favorite customers or business friends to a delicious business lunch in an elegant setting in order to maintain quality business relations. Then again, can you see yourself going to Maui or the Bahamas for a much-needed executive retreat so you can gain perspective of the strategic issues and get a clearer vision of the big picture? What will you do?

Take a closer look now:

Increase Your Revenue:

The valuable customer support power delivered by the turns your existing customers into repeat customers, and your prospects into paying customers. The knowledge management solution not only empowers your existing customers, but also works as a powerful, effective sales tool, making your product information always available from your website.

Reduce the Time and Expense in Supporting Your Customers:

  • Reduce support and operational costs
    The reduces your operational costs by successfully answering a large volume of customer requests that otherwise will flood your call center with calls, e-mail, and chat requests and soak up your profits with added expenses.

  • Reduce phone call and email volume
    The drastically reduces your call center calls and e-mail volume by giving your customers information and help directly from the web. Deploy the and reduce your call center volume by up to 80%!

  • Reduce training time and expense
    Reduce the money and time you spend to train your new employees by reducing required hands-on training time. The knowledge base gives your new staff everything they need when they need it.

  • Keep customer issues from escalating
    Your knowledge base gives your front line customer service and support reps the ability to handle virtually all issues without needing to escalate to a second or third tier.

Customer Support, Intelligence, Satisfaction:

  • Provide customer support on demand
    The is a feature packed Frequently Asked Questions management system that lets you offer your customers an easy way to automatically get answers to their specific questions online - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Provide instant answers to your customers
    The empowers your customers and gives them immediate access to the information they need. Your customers visit your online FAQ, finding their answers right away. Customer wait time vanishes!

  • Maintain happy and satisfied customers
    You know that a happy customer is a satisfied customer. With the , your customers have full access to all the information they need to succeed with your products and services. Empower them with what they need, then transform support headaches into satisfied customers.

  • Gather valuable intelligence from customers and prospects
    With the , you can easily find out what your prospects and customers need by providing them with an easy and powerful communication channel with your company! By monitoring the data they give you, you can gain competitive intelligence and learn what feature requests to include that improve your own offerings and your competitive advantage.

Increase the Power and Effectiveness of Your Business:

  • The more the system is used, the more powerful it gets
    If customers do not find the answer they're looking for, they can submit it to you. When you answer the question, automatically add it to the knowledge base so your next customer with the same question gets an instant answer! The longer they use , the greater the number of instant answers available!

  • Improve the consistency of your responses easier
    By standardizing customer service representative responses, you streamline your efforts to maximize your representative effectiveness and you reduce callbacks dramatically.

  • Improve customer support team effectiveness faster
    Your customer support staff will search the knowledge base for answers, reducing the time to answer your customers' questions. With decreased inbound contact volume, your support staff team can work more cohesively and powerfully.

  • Build deeper, more powerful customer relationships
    By having the time to deliver higher levels of services, your representatives positively impact your prospects and customers and set your company far apart from its competitors. That's a priceless market position that a mountain of marketing money can never buy.

Remember, with the :

  • You reduce the time and expense in supporting your customers

  • You deliver higher satisfaction through higher-quality customer support

  • You gain usable incoming market intelligence directly from your prospects and customers

  • You increase the effectiveness and power of your business

That adds up to more profit and more time for you. Sound good? Get started now: