FAQ Manager

The Easy and Affordable way to Manage Your Website Customer FAQ System

About Us: A Short (but true) Story

A few years ago, we were in the same position that youre in now.

Our company was looking for an affordable, easy-to-use FAQ Manager that would help answer our customer's most frequently asked questions about our products and services.

We figured that the more customer questions and issues we could resolve online, the fewer calls and e-mails we'd get coming to tie up our customer service department and technical support staff.

We felt that by using a FAQ Manager to answer customer questions in advance, we could solve customer problems more quickly, give customers a higher level of personalized service, and better manage our customer service and technical support costs.

But there was a problem.

As hard as we looked, we couldn't find a FAQ Manager that was easy to install, easy to use, and easy to customize and update for our particular business.

We didn't want a FAQ Manager with a lot of extra features we didn't need, and we didn't want a program that was difficult for our employees to learn and use. We just wanted it to be easy and have what we needed without the stuff we didn't want. Were we asking for too much?

That's when we decided to create our own.

Our application development group set to work and created a FAQ Manager that is proving to be one of the easiest and most user-friendly FAQ managers in the industry.

Originally, we had planned to use only in our business. (That's why we didn't spend a lot of time coming up with a fancy name for it.) But once other businesses started hearing about it, they also wanted in.

Now, after more than two years of proven reliability, we're still using to manage the FAQ's in our business, and our clients are using it to successfully manage thousands of product and service-related questions in their businesses. Saving all of us lots of time and money. It works for us, and it's guaranteed to work for you!

So if you're looking for a FAQ Manager that's easy to install, easy to use, and has the functionality you want - without unnecessary extras that seem to be there just to drive up the price - check out our Free Demo. You'll be glad you did.

Then go ahead and join our growing group - all who have found the answers they were looking for in an easy, affordable, home-grown FAQ manager.